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Zoe Roarz is a singer-song writer “trying to make as much noise as possible.” 

Her music influences range across multiple genres. This all combines to a unique and raw quality of her music that you won’t hear anywhere else. Her discography holds the best of both worlds, high energy rock songs and acoustic melodic serenades. With Zoe’s music you can have your cake and eat it too.


Zoe Roarz was first classically trained on the Clarinet starting at age 9. Roarz was then quick to learn piano & guitar. She started writing songs at 12 years old and by 14 she was singing & playing in bars and venues around her city. At 16 she had made her first band, Big Brother and recorded a 5 track E.P. called Hype! You can stream the E.P. on most major streaming platforms.

Around age 19 she released her first full length album Vomited Explanations.(Also on most major streaming services)  Ranging from punk to jazz influences, this album is her documentation of being a teenager experiencing losses, frustrations, & victories she only knew how to express through song. 

She has played venues & festivals as big as 18,000 people, opening for acts such as comedian & rock critic Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show” & musician Marc Rizzo of Superfly with her previous projects. She is also popular amongst local radio stations. 

Over last summer Roarz released "Impostor Syndrome" , a pop rock ballad about self doubt and finding security in ones self. The song was released with a DIY music video that's avaible to watch on youtube. 

Zoe's most recent release titled "Stuck Inside"came out around last Halloween. It is a high energy punk song that talks about the isolation of quarantine and the mental toll it has taken on us and compares it to being in "The Shining" 

Roarz is currently working hard to release a 2 track E.P. very soon! So stay tuned! You won't want to miss what this artist is cooking up next.

stuck inside cover.jpg