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“Trying to make as much noise as possible. Can you hear me yet? ” Zoe Roarz is a DIY pop punk singer-songwriter from Kansas City, MO. Roarz’ sound is influenced by grungey guitars, melody driven vocals and head banging grooves. Her discography holds the best of both worlds, high energy rock songs and acoustic serenades. With Zoe’s music you can have your cake and eat it too.

She has played venues & festivals as big as 18,000 people, opening for acts such as comedian & rock critic Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show” & musician Marc Rizzo of Soulfly. She is also popular with local radio stations and blogs. Zoe released 2 singles in 2020, Impostor Syndrome and Stuck Inside growing into her sound. Check out her newest track Lip Gloss an anti love garage rock song released on Valentine’s Day 💋

Zoe Roarz was first classically trained on the Clarinet starting at age 9. Roarz was then quick to learn piano & guitar. She started writing full songs by 12 yrs old and by 14 she was singing & playing in bars and venues around her city. At 16 yrs old she had made one of her first bands, Big Brother and recorded a 5 track E.P. called Hype! Around age 19 she released her first full length album Vomited Explanations. Ranging from punk to jazz influences, this album is her documentation of being a teenager growing up in mental wards and girls homes experiencing losses, frustrations, & victories she only knew how to express through song.

Today Roarz is currently working on a birthday drop for her next song "I can't Always be the Hero" Make sure to click the linktree link and pre save the song!






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